Easiest scale to learn and master is C Major Scale. All the notes in this scale are natural no sharps or flats. Easy to remember. if you want to know how to play C Major scale on guitar then just follow the tabs image below. You would also like to know about the basic chords that can be played in C Major scale. There are detailed images given on this page below with the finger positions of the relevant C major scale chords to play. Want to know music theory about C Major Scale and In-depth knowledge: visit Wikipedia


C - D - E - F - G - A - B - C

C Major Scale Tabs
C Major Scale Tabs


C Major (C E G)
C Major Chord
D Minor (D F A)
D Minor Chord
E Minor (E G B)
E Minor Chord
F Major(F A C)
F Major Chord
G Major (G B D)
G Major Chord
A Minor (A C D)
A Minor Chord
B Diminished (B D F)
B Diminished Chord