This page will give you the detailed information about Scales. This page introduces you how scales are formed. What are major and minor scales and what is a chromatic scale. Also, you will come to know about chords and their shapes of major and minor scales. This page will tell you about the chords in a given key or scale with chord diagrams and shapes. This page answers following questions.

- What are Major Scales keys?

- What are Minor Scales Keys ?

- How to easily remember scales ?

- How to find chords in a given key or a scale ?

- What are basic chord positions and what are their finger 
  positions ?

- What are common chord progressions in a given scale?

So go ahead and explore this page. There are a lot of guitar
lessons to learn but in a easy way. You get all that you need
to be a guitar pro - ROCK ON :)

12 primary notes and interval between each note is 1 semitone. Chromatic scale is the mother scale.

C - C# - D - D# - E - F - F# - G - G# - A - A# B

7 notes in given arrangement forms major scale. Each note from chromatic scale forms a major scale

Scale Sequence - Tone - Tone - Semitone - Tone - Tone - Tone - Semitone

Chord Sequence - Major - Minor -Minor - Major -Major - Minor - Diminished

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